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Theriault Marine integrates all the various aspects of vessel repairs, new vessel construction, vessel management, dealers, brokers, suppliers and consultants from around the globe under one roof. Our aim is to provide a full spectrum of high quality marine products and services to our customers worldwide. This will allow our customers to enjoy a full and uninterrupted service and reduce downtime by turning the vessels around in the shortest time without compromising quality of any one of our services.

Theriault Marine with it's Central Caribbean location being the Dutch Harbour of Willemstad almost any marine task can be accomplished locally but with the companies wide array of global affiliates and close Canadian connections the possibilities are endless.  

No matter what your business is in the marine industry Theriault Marine can help. With our network of carefully selected marine personal and suppliers around globe we can tackle any task with complete confidence. Whether you need that special boat constructed for week-end get aways, corporations seeking  mega yachts, a hard to find high risk marine insurance, guidance for the right shipyard to handle that long awaited major refit, that last minute safety equipment or need help selecting that new diesel outboard Theriault Marine is here to help. 

Theriault Marine is a well established group of affiliate partners in the marine industry with a record of providing more than 60 years of excellent service to the marine community. We are proud to service our customers amongst which are leading organizations both in the private, corporate and public sectors. We are a niche player specializing in the construction and repair of specialized commercial vessels such as tugboats, passenger launches, purpose built work boats, patrol crafts, pilot launches, various catamarans, work barges and S.A.R. quick response crafts.

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