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LeisureCat Power Catamarans

"Built for safety . . . driven for pleasure!"


LeisureCat Australia was founded on the belief that the Powered Catamaran deserved a better acceptance by the general public than they were currently enjoying. We also believed the Western Australian public should be able to get a locally built boat, specifically designed for our conditions. The reservations held by many for Catamarans consists in 3 main areas. Myth, aesthetic appeal and overall performance.

The LeisureCat range was designed as a high-speed planing catamaran capable of delivering a comfortable and stable ride in adverse weather conditions. The hull shape is totally innovative, coupling a full-length wavebreaker and reverse chine planing strakes to deliver a catamaran that carries an exceptional payload, is easily driven, and provides a safe and stable ride in all conditions.

Aesthetically, the Catamaran has always been hard done by. The design had not really changed since their public conception in 1971.

LeisureCat has set about taking the look and interior design of our range into the 21st Century. With smoother flowing lines taking the place of the sharper boxier look, improved dash and instrument layout and better sleeping accommodation along with user-friendly cockpit layout, we have transformed the Ugly Duckling into a Swan.

Most importantly it has been in the area of performance that LeisureCat has been able to improve the design of the Catamaran. Notorious for hull slapping, rolling out in a turn, drenching owners with water from bow to stern (including a fine mist sneezing from the tunnel caught in a vacuum and sucked into motors and cabin) and having to be overpowered to perform, it is little wonder that only the professionals and Rescue Groups sought to use them. LeisureCat spent many hours making changes to the standard symmetrical hull design in order to solve these problems and improve the performance of their craft dramatically.


The 6000 (20'), 7000 (23'6"), 8000 (26'9"), 9000 (30'6"), and 350 (35') LeisureCat / AussieCat have structural lay-up equivalent to 2C offshore survey and incorporate, as standard, design and safety features that include a fully self-draining deck, multiple hull airtight subdivision and reinforced crash bulkheads.

One of the companies' original founders, Jim Martin, was the Senior Marine Surveyor with the Western Australian Department of Transport, where he had worked for over 25 years. As a shipwright and marine surveyor Jim Martin brought the expertise in design and construction techniques which made the LeisureCat / AussieCat design a market leader in its class since the range was launched.

In 1999 the company was purchased outright by the current owners, the name Leisurecat Australia Pty Ltd was formed along with a new range of vessels being launched into the market. Designs were improved across all areas, enhancing the performance and the aesthetics from the original concepts. A new breed of efficient Cats was born, allowing the business to grow rapidly in a rapidly growing market. LeisureCat now occupies a modern manufacturing facility located in Henderson, Western Australia. From here the LeisureCat range is exported to overseas countries all year round.

In keeping with growing international recognition, the company now trades as LeisureCat Australia Pty Ltd and AussieCat Australia Pty Ltd; the latter brought about primarily for the American market where the name 'Leisure Cat' is the trademark name of a competitor's model. Consequently, and because the company is proudly Australian, the decision was made to market the craft as 'AussieCat' in the USA.


The three main design features peculiar to a LeisureCat are:

1. A full-length wave breaker (one of the first to implement it) providing a comfortable, stable ride at any speed and enabling the LeisureCat to remain on a plane longer than any other power catamaran in the marketplace. The wave breaker increases the cushioning effect experienced in the catamaran configuration, eliminating jarring and thumping when underway in a sea. It has also had the effect of turning the water down into a gun barrel effect eliminating sneezing from hull compression.

2. The high-speed planing hull achieved by directional reverse planing strakes enables a LeisureCat to rise out of the water and on to a plane with maximum efficiency (and minimum power). This is so successful that a LeisureCat will go from a standing start, fully loaded and with both engines down, onto a plane with only one engine operational. This efficiency reduces power requirement, therefore reducing fuel consumption and overall weight. This test has been done with motors as small as twin 100 hp 4 stroke engines on our 7000 series Gamefisher.

3. The in-hull, fully moulded engine wells provide exceptional displacement that enable the LeisureCat to carry increased load in the stern at rest, whilst affording spray protection for the engines. This keeps engines and passengers dry in the worst of conditions.

4. Every boat is built to 2C survey specifications, whether it is to go into survey or not. The same hull built for the Tasmanian Water Police is available to every prospective buyer.

5. Couple these features with the standard safety features of forward crash bulkheads, multiple hull sub-divisions, survey height gunwales and foam flotation and you can see why LeisureCat is gaining a reputation as one of the safest, cutting edge catamarans in the market.

LeisureCat's willingness to work with customers to achieve a boat that suits there purpose, adding individuality but retaining the original design, is appreciated by all of their customers. With a large variety of options available a complete custom made boat to suit the customers business or pleasure will be made at the factory and delivered anywhere in the world as required.

Some of the LeisureCat Professional Customers:

Western Australian Water Police
Fremantle Sea Rescue
Tasmanian Water Police
South Australian Water Police
Cockburn Sea Rescue
Hopetoun Sea Rescue
Duke Charters
Wog Boyz Charters
Crazy Cat Dive Charters
Texas Day Divers
Deep Blue Diving
C.A.L.M Shark Bay
Stamford, Connecticut, Police
Australian Federal Police (7 x)
N.S.W. Water Ways
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